Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TAXI Photo Co-Op/Rental

Taxi Photo Studio Co-Op Rates:


• 3 Months Commitment: $360 per month for 12 hrs. ($30 per hour)
• 6 Months Commitment: $300 per month for 15 hrs. ($20 per hour)

These time allotments are guidelines. As long as everyone is able to book their sessions without stepping on others' toes, I do not keep a close track of hours used.
I only have up to 6 co-op members at a time and rarely that many.

Daily Rates:

• By the hour: $35 per hour/2 hour minimum
• By the day: $225 (over 6 hours)

Student/Recent Grad Rates:

• $20 per hour (space only)
• $30 per hour w/use of equipment/instruction

Rates include lighting/backdrops:

Taxi Lighting:

(2) Profoto 2400 powerpacks
(1) Profoto 1200 powerpack
(1) Comet 2400 powerpack
(1) Arri 1K Tungsten light
Softboxes: Large octagon, medium and mini softboxes.
Several reflectors/grids/stands/boom
• Dressing Room
• Showroom for slideshows

Benefits: Great studio location/environment.
Google Calendar viewable by all Co-Op members
Great community feel. Clients love this building!
FUEL CAFE OPEN!!! FABULOUS FOOD! Catering available