Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MaryLynn's new Blog!

Denver Portrait Photographer. Denver photographer, MaryLynn Gillaspie operates her studio in the fabulous Taxi Building, just north of downtown Denver. She offers an artistic approach for corporate headshots, families, musicians, maternity, individuals and groups. Portraits As Art.

This is my first blog! Where have I been?! Busy shooting and printing, that's where!
But I heard I need to blog too. Well, OK. Here it is.
I'm currently working on two projects along with my regular shooting.
1. Flower Series. Something different for me, and I'm enjoying it.
2. Creating some new ways of displaying prints. Very exciting. Will show some samples soon.


Rory said...

Your flower series are quite delicate and pretty! What made you decide to to photograph flowers(objects) rather than people? Well, I'm certain you still do your portraitures but I'm sure photographers don't usually venture out into different fields. You are the consummate artist in the truest sense of the word. Your talents never fail to astound me.
Something tells me you have even more "up your sleeve" that you have to offer the public. You have astonishing skill in whatever you decide to do. You are a very unique, talented, and diverse individual. Your skills are to be envied by the average person. Consider yourself lucky that you have good karma in this lifetime. Your only goal now should be to find your "Twin Flame"...the other part of your soul. Then you will have achieved full mastery and ascend to a higher, lofty place where there will be nothing but pure bliss. It is a different realm where few souls are able to enter. But I think you are up for the challenge.

Greedy Engineer said...

As if you haven't noticed by now, I am your biggest fan, commenting or blogging wherever I find any of your blogs. I will try not to get on your last nerve and let you preserve your privacy and space. But I sure do admire you!

Rory said...

Your work for me was absolutely magnificent! You are quite the artist and I was exceedingly pleased with the flower series you did for me. You are, indeed, a creative photographer that turns photography into art, as you say on your website. You deserved to be at the top spot on Denver 7's A list for portrait photography, which was your idea to have that category listed. But second place is not bad! You were wonderful to work with and I admire your professionalism. No doubt you are the artist extraordinaire!! Positively sensational! Thanks for creating my project and turning it into magestic pieces of art with the watercolor paper. I didn't know a photographer could do that. I was going to give them out for Christmas presents but I'm keeping all the images you created for me. They will add beauty to my home and any visitor will find them intriguing and artful. They will certainly capture attention!

Rory said...

My flower images MaryLynn put on watercolor paper instead of photo paper and they look more artful, less like a photograph and more like a drawing or painting! I had two of the larger images customed framed , one in a recessed frame and they look like artpieces that normally run $300-$500! The closeups are even more beautiful than the flower itself. You do magnificent work!! I ended up keeping 7 of the 10 images I ordered. They were originally intended to be given away as Christmas presents but I just couldn't part with some of them. The 3 that I gave out went to very special people in my life so they were appreciative of such fine artwork(photography)that MaryLynn did for me. I only wish I had her "mark" or signature on the mattes around the images. I still might send some of the mattes to be signed that aren't custom framed. The image looks naked without the artist's personal mark on it yet still magnificent. I'm very satisfied with the work MaryLynn put into the shots of the Asian lilies. They almost look as if you could smell their mesmerizing fragrance. You should have won FIRST place on Denver 7's A list because you are THE best artist I've ever known and worked with. And you can sing "Angel Eyes" too! That's what I call talent!!! A professional singer turned professional portraiturer.
That's a winner in my book! And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so! I wouldn't doubt it if you had any other professional skills on your resumé. Your artwork can be described as a "Piéce de resistance" which is the ultimate compliment in French. In English, they are called "Masterpieces"!!! I just Love, Love, Love your work!!!

Rory said...

Tuesday, April 07, 2009, 3:10:58 AM

mxvphoto/Rare Silk
Saturday, April 04, 2009, 4:47:29 PM | (Rory)

MaryLynn Gillaspie
Saturday, April 04, 2009, 4:43:27 PM | (Rory)
I love blogs. You can say anything you want to say....Did you know there are uite a few entries on the search engine I looked up your name, and found several sites to which you are connected. Are you popular and good at what you do or what? Ha! You know you are an artiste extraordinaire.Hey, Colorado must be the hot spot on the planet with all the jazz events clubs, school, etc going on. I should move to Denver and get voice lessons. I want to sing but just can't. I don't think I could scat either. Oh well, dream on....Hardly anybody post blogs on your blogs but me. Does anyone know about it? All the blogs on here are from me. HEE HEE! What can I say? I told you I was your greatest fan and you probably don't even check your blogs to see if anyone new blogged. Well, I will continue to blog on your blog when I remember to. You seem busy shooting every week-end. It's a wonder that your clients don't blog after a session with you. You are a stellar star in my book MaryLynn. An Artiste in every sense of the word. Hey, do you ever run into MJ at any of the clubs you go to to hear jazz.? Or do you just go to the clubs that are featuring Kurt only? I'd be going nuts with all that jazz around me and I know you keep up with the jazz scene there. There are a lot of schools for jazz in Colorado too. You'd think California would have some good jazz stations connected to Denver. But then again, Sacramento is a sleepy growing community and maybe jazz will rise up with all the people moving here. We need jazz. Smooth jazz doesn't get it anymore since I met you. Now all I listen to is jazz vocals. You changed my musical likes. Of course, I still listen to my Ghetto Glimpses cuz I love R&B but nothing beats the old stuff or Rare Silk stuff. Ya know, I can blog for days about you but I won't. You are to me like Kurt Elling is to you, but I get email from you..Yay!!! You don't get email from Kurt. Hey, don't forget to tell me all the details of that conversation you had when you introduced yourself to him. I'll bet it was interesting. Did you shake his hand? What club or place was it that he was performing at? It was a more intimate setting than a concert hall, I'm sure.Let's see how long it takes before you even look to see if anyone posted a blog to your site. I've been playing on the computer all day looking up MJ and see that she's still busy performing and teaching. Do you ever run into each other? I know Denver is a big city but you might run into her at a Kurt Elling gig or something. Would you acknowledge her and talk to her or not? I guess there are some bad vibes between you two. You never did tell me what happened between the two of you. That's what broke up Rare Silk, isn't it? You can tell me now. It's been a long time since it happened. Forgive her and move on.I sense some resentment towards her. But you've found a different venue for your creative and artistic talents. I'm sure you must miss singing. Singing is in your blood.Well, thumbs up or down on Boz's new cd, "Speak Low"? It's so mellow, it could put you to sleep but I like it. Kurt is a better singer artistically than Boz. I have to give him that but I really like Boz Scaggs new cd. Hope you liked at least one of the songs. He just goes way back in time for me and it's a trip that he's singing jazz instead of pop, huh? I think you're right. His voice really isn't suited to sing jazz vocals but it was a nice try. I got another of his cd's singing the old standards. NOT GOOD! He tried to give "Speak Low" an ethereal sound or that was his intent anyway.You have any shoots this weekend?Well, I think I blogged enough. I think I'll start blogging all the stuff I want to say to you instead of email cuz you like email to be short and sweet. And I am longwinded when it comes to that.You're still at the top of my list for jazz vocals and photographers.

Love you, Lady!!You're incredible!

Rory said...

Since you don't like long emails, I thought I would blog because you probably never check your blogs and I can write as much as I want to. HA!
You're probably mad at me for sending you a pix message on your cell phone. I hope it didn't wake you. I'm just silly. You know that. If you're tired of my obsession with you, just say so, and POOF!, I'll be gone. Whether you know it or not, I see you as a regular ordinary person, just like anybody else. But I just admire your talents. I love getting music from you and I love sending you music and hearing your critiques. You're not into R&B though so I will never send you any of that. But you turned me on to, I think, a more sophisticated venue of music which is jazz vocals. That is mainly what I listen to now because of you. So you've made an impact on my life and I know I go overboard with the compliments but I can't help it. I'll just try harder to make you feel like a friend more than a celebrity because that's the way you want me to treat you, I guess. I thought I'd blog on this subject just to see if you check your blogs on your website. I 'm the only one who has blogged on it. You should encourage your clients to write a blog on you after you finish photographing them. I'm sure their comments will all be positive. Blogs are just a way of expressing opinions and more people need to blog on you. I blog on you because I like to blog now and it's a way of expressing to you how I feel. I know you think I'm an obsessed fan but I'd really like to take it to a friendship level which I've been trying to do for a while but I come off as being an obsessed fan. Sorry! I think that bothers you. Okay, MaryLynn, you're just an ordinary person trying to make a living just like everybody else. If I had any of your talents, I wouldn't be retired though. Retirment is great! I love it!But I could certainly use more money. I do have enough to do what I want when I want so I should be grateful for that. But I sure wish I could sing. Last night, I started studying how to read musical notes again. I used to be able to read music when I played the clarinet, violin, and cello. Now it seems so foreign to me. I'm trying to teach myself to play the piano on an electric keyboard and I'm also trying to improve my guitar skills. I've got a long way to go. Well, you are always busy shooting so this is a way I can say what I want and you don't have to respond. I know I can get on your last nerve. Sorry this blog doesn't concern portraitures as it should be but I just thought I'd post my comments because I like to write.
If I were closer to you in distance, I definitely would have you take shots of me. I need some new photos of me in my 50's. I could fly to Denver and have you take pictures of me but I'd be too nervous to meet you I think. I was nervous leaving that message on your work phone and I wasn't even talking directly to you. I'll keep trying not to bother you MaryLynn but I can't help it. You seem to stand out in a crowd and I feel the need to stay in touch with you even though you don't have time to really develop a friendship. I don't even know if you want a friendship with me anyway. You probably don't. You're just too nice and you don't want to hurt my feelings. Thank you for your goodwill but I will leave you alone if you want. What did you think of Boz Scaggs's cd? The only song I don't like on that cd is "Save Your Love For Me". And he doesn't quite hit some notes but I'll give him a break cuz I have always liked him. Yes, Kurt is much more talented than Boz. But I enjoy them both. Does Kurt know you do cd pictures? That would be cool to shoot the next pictures of his next cd. What a concept. Did you give him your business card? I think he'd go for it. It would be so cool for you to photograph him and use the photos on his next cd. What do you think?


Rory said...

I bet you have never checked your blogs even from last year. Shame on you. I'm your biggest fan and since you don't have the time to read my emails, I blog about you. That way, other people can see it, even if you don't even know it exists!

Good luck on Denver 7's A List. I already voted for you!

Hang in there!